Our Story

When choosing a skincare product, you need a
brand you can trust – one that offers products designed for a real purpose,
made with only the highest quality ingredients.


Introducing Piel By Miguelina Calderon,
developed with real-world skincare expertise across over 20 years in the beauty

What does Piel mean?

Piel, which translates to ‘skin’ in Spanish, is a skincare brand developed with a purpose – to give your skin the hydration it needs to restore equilibrium and heal itself naturally.

Meet The Founder

Our founder, Miguelina Calderon, has worked in
the skincare industry for over 22 years as an aesthetician and brand representative for some of the world’s biggest names, such as Klapp, La Prarie, La Mer and many others. 


With all this experience, Miguelina discovered that many skincare products aren’t fit for purpose as they don’t give your skin the basic foundations it requires to thrive – specifically, hydration.


When Miguelina developed dermatitis, there was very little support available for the condition. As a reaction to an unknown allergen, the only advice dermatologists could offer was that it was due to
severe dehydration – but no treatments were available to help.


Miguelina used her skills and expertise to develop her own skincare range, starting with Hydra Fluid. This hydrating face serum delivers optimal hydration to the skin and contains both allantoin and hyaluronic acid to help rebalance and restore your natural skin barrier.


“You don’t need to give your skin more than what it needs. There are countless products promising all sorts of results, but if you can’t keep your skin hydrated, they won’t help. I developed Hydra Fluid with the intention to soothe and balance skin based on real experience.”

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The Best Face Serum Deserves A Great Logo…

Our logo is about sending a message. It represents the efficacy of our product, with the long descender from the ‘p’ indicating the deep penetration of the Hydra Fluid serum. The high ascender of the ‘i’ is all about showcasing results. The two longer lines are perfectly balanced against each other, demonstrating the balance our product achieves.


Hydration + Balance = Radiance.


Our branding includes blue and white, both colours that are harmonious and soothing. Blue indicates professionalism and expertise, as well as calm. White represents purity and wholeness.

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