What Is Allantoin Used

Allantoin is a fantastic ingredient in used skincare products, offering great anti-inflammatory properties. It is produced in plants or synthetically and prevents irritants from inflaming skin or wounds. When used in a serum, allantoin offers soothing qualities but also improves hydration by helping your skin retain moisture rather than allowing it to evaporate.


Is allantoin good for skin?

Allantoin’s main benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate itching and irritation in conditions such as dermatitis. The hydrating benefits of allantoin also help improve various skin issues, such as dryness and acne.  

Whilst there are various studies debating the benefits of allantoin, one fact is clear: there are no negative effects posed by using it on your skin. It scores the lowest possible risk factors according to the Environmental Working Group, so it is safe for skin of all types.

Does allantoin cause acne?

No, allantoin does not cause acne – though you should be sure to check any product containing allantoin for other ingredients that may be problematic. The opposite may be true: some people have reported positive results on acne and
scarring from using allantoin.

Does allantoin clog pores?

Allantoin helps preserve moisture in the skin, but it does not clog your pores. It is comedogenic, which makes it one of the least ‘clogging’ ingredients in skincare. Check the other ingredients in any product you use, as they may be more likely to cause clogging.

Does allantoin work for scars?

Some evidence shows that allantoin combined with onion extract helps reduce scarring or prevent new scarring, but the studies aren’t comprehensive.

Is allantoin a retinoid?

No, allantoin is not a retinoid. It has no association with Vitamin A or retinol.

Is allantoin safe during pregnancy?

There is limited data to support or refute allantoin’s risks during pregnancy. However, considering the environmental working group’s low-risk rating for allantoin used in skincare, it does not appear harmful. Consult your doctor before making any decision.

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